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Yamaha 14" x 6.5" Tour Custom Snare Drum - Caramel Satin Finish
Yamaha 14" x 6.5" Tour Custom Snare Drum in Caramel Satin Finish

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Yamaha 14" x 6.5" Tour Custom Snare Drum - Caramel Satin Finish

The Tour Custom snare drum features a dynamic range that is what drummers of all kinds have come to rely on from Yamaha.
Whether you are a aspiring drummer looking to upgrade or a professional touring / studio musician you can expect an excellent blend overtones and back beat. The shells consist of 6-ply maple and matching 45ยบ bearing edges that add quick response and depth. The snare beds are cut to enhance the sensitivity of the drum and allow for a very wide dynamic and tonal range from both the top and the bottom head. Yamaha absolute lugs with single-point mounting provide the perfect balance of open tone with controlled attack. Compact, light weight strainer with a smooth, simple and reliable design along with a dual tension adjustment for fine snare tuning.

Shop Review : Tour Custom Maple Snare

There are a multitude of sounds you can achieve from this drum, here at the shop we were easily able to achieve sounds ranging from a fat, round and punchy sounding snare all the way up to a crisp, responsive and bright sounding snare but still retaining the bottom end "depth" from the 6.5" body. The slightly rolled in 2.3 mm Dynahoops help to control the natural overtones from the all maple shell giving it an even warmer response and really bringing out the depth of the shell. The hardware is impressively stout, taken off the absolute line I can not do much but smile that its actual steel and not pot metal. The light weight P-series strainer is very inviting and simple to use. Its simple design keeps the antics of more complicated throw offs at bay. Both the throw off and the knob are super smooth and come pre applied with a bit of lubricant to keep them smooth for a long foreseeable future. She also has a dual strainer, what is the use of this? Well, simply simply put, it lets you easily fine tune your snares from either end. The result is that it keeps the snares in the middle of the drum for a much longer period of time, eliminating the need for resetting your snare wires once they reach the bearing edge. The single point lug inserts are smooth and make tuning very easy. May I also say that this drum is beautiful? I will confess I am a I am a bit partial - satin and matte finishes are my absolute favorite, but this drum really is even more stunning in person than in the stock picture.
As someone working in the drum industry for over 15 years, I would suggest everyone to at least put your ears to this drum in person as it is the quintessential "all around" maple snare drum with un-compromised hardware, even at its lower price point.

Have any questions about this drum or its features? Did we leave anything out in our review? Give us a call at 210-599-3143!
  • All-maple shells with warm, open tone
  • 6-ply,5.6 mm / 45-degree bearing edge that adds tonal depth and quick response and wide, dynamic range
  • Absolute Lug with single-point mounting provide the perfect balance of tone with controlled attack
  • Compact, lightweight P- type strainer with a smooth, simple and reliable design and dual snare tension adjustment for snare fine-tuning
  • The 2.3 mm inverse DynaHoop focuses the natural overtones
  • Finished with a beautiful satin lacquer that maximizes the sonic potential of the maple shell
  • Five satin finishes match Tour Custom drum sets

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