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Treeworks Tre28 Bar Studio Chimes
Our Price: $94.99

The Tre28 Bar Chimes are a good choice in studio settings or for acoustic performances where you're looking for a less aggressive sound and clear resonance. TreeWorks' Studio Chimes utilize T-6 tempered, custom aluminum/titanium metal alloy bars now in thinner .25" diameter. Good choice for studio or acoustic performanceT-6 tempered, custom aluminum/titanium alloy bars now in thinner .25" diameter
Treeworks Tre35 ChiTreeWorks TRE04TT 4"/5"/6" Triangle Tree w/ Finger Cymbal
Our Price: $99.99

This instrument showcases four recording grade hand-bent triangles. The high carbon steel alloy has been heat treated to yield excellent sonics. The four sizes (3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch) cover a full range of uses. An unusual design in these triangles is that the diameters are also graduated-starting with a thin 5/16 -inch growing up to a stout 1/2 -inch thick for the largest model. The finish is satin chrome.

Mounts to a standard cymbal stand.

The cast bronze Finger Cymbal provides another useful tool without adding more parts to your kit. Includes a full-size (20cm) professional beater made of polished stainless steel.
Treeworks ZenTree Chimes  
Our Price: $99.99

The TreeWorks double-row ZenTree Chimes move in tiered or stair-stepped groups of chimes instead of normal tuning with a gradual change in pitch from bar to bar. This tuning creates a soothing and mystic sweep with a nice tension and release when played from high to low. The bars are crafted from a TreeWorks, chime specific aluminum/titanium alloy. The chime bars are polished and heat tempered for brilliant tone. Each chime is individually hand-tied with 50-pound braided CordLoc. No plastic ties are used. The ZenTree Chimes' mantle is hand-finished Tennessee Black Walnut.

  • Hand-finished mantle in Tennessee Black Walnut
  • Hand-tied with 50-pound braided CordLoc
  • No plastic ties are used
Treeworks Tre35 Chime - 35-bar Single-row Classic Chime
Our Price: $119.99

Tre35 Aluminum Classic Chimes provide a long sweep to cover any style and any musical setting. Bars are 3/8" thick and produce a louder tone than the Studio Chimes, ideal for louder situations and playing without a microphone. Hand-tied with micro-braid.35 bars provide a long sweep to cover any musical style3/8" thick bars provide a loud, ringing toneHand tied with micro-braidBars are tempered and polished for a bright, clear toneBlack walnut bar
Treeworks 69-Bar Double Row Bar Chime  Tre35db
Our Price: $189.99

TreeWorks equips the double row bar chime with 69 bars for extra-rich gliss effects. TreeWorks chimes boast sturdy construction with hand-tied, braided CordLoc and polished, tempered 3/8" thick solid aluminum/titanium alloy bars for brilliant sound. Mantles are made of hand-finished Tennessee black walnut.

TreeWorks Chimes is a small company in Nashville, Tennessee, and is the only company that specializes in handcrafting chimes for drummers and percussionists. TreeWorks chimes stand apart from others for their durable construction and clear, distinctive sound.