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Innovative Percussion College Primer Stick & Mallet Pack

FP-3 College Primer Pack Contains:
  • IP240 - Soloist Medium Marimba Mallets (2 pair)
  • RS251 - Rattan Medium Vibraphone Mallets (2 pair)
  • IP902 - James Ross Series Red Medium Soft Xylophone / Bell Mallets
  • IPJC - James Campbell Signature Series Hickory Drumsticks
  • CT3 - Medium General Timpani Mallets
  • MB1 - Cordura Mallet Bag

The Innovative Percussion Fundamental College Primer Mallet Pack FP-3 was compiled for students entering college as percussion majors, providing some of the necessary tools for success at the college level!

The FP-3 includes a set of four IP240 Medium Marimba mallets, a set of four RS251 Medium Vibraphone mallets, IP902 James Ross Medium Soft Xylophone/Bell mallets, IP906 James Ross Brilliant Xylophone/Bell mallets, GT-3 General Medium Timpani mallets, and the IP-JC James Campbell Hickory Snare Sticks. The FP-3 provides the necessary mallets for solo keyboard literature, as well as sticks and mallets necessary for ensemble playing.

Gretsch 120th Anniversary Snare Drum - White Marine Pearl

Limited edition snare drum in a beautiful white marine pearl finish. Comes equipped with Diecast hoops, gladstone styled center post tube lugs, and lightning throw off.
P. Ellis 4pc Maple Drum set 22", 13", 16", 8" x 14" Snare
Our Price: $2,500.00
Sale Price: $2,000.00
Savings: $500.00

P. Ellis 4pc Maple Drum set 22", 13", 16", 8" x 14" Snare

Like new handmade in Austin P. Ellis Maple drum set. Size configurations are 9 x 13 rack tom, ,16 x 16 floor tom, 8 x 14 snare and a 22" bass drum. All drums have reinforcement rings. The set also includes two snare stands to hold the rack tom and snare drum.

Have any questions about this kit? Give us a call at 210-599-3143!

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